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    • England, India, and parts of Europe and Australasia – The Mark degree is conferred in a separately warranted Lodge of Mark Master Masons. The candidate for Advancement is required to be a Master Mason. A further degree may conferred; one not present in the York Rite, that of Royal Ark Mariner; although strictly speaking this degree is conferred in a Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners – said lodge being 'anchored' or 'moored' to the parent Mark Lodge. In the US, this degree forms part of the Allied Masonic …

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    The Ancient York Rite stands on the records of history as the oldest and purest of all Masonic Rites. “This Craft came into England in the time of good King Athelstan’s reign: he made them both hall and lofty bower of great honor, to recreate him in both day and night, and to worship his God with all his strength.

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    The royal arch masonry the continuation of craft masonry whose members are called companions.They meet in chapters that are ruled over by the three principles. The royal arch in England has four ceremonies, where the exaltation ceremony is conducted to bring in the new members.The royal arch degree is considered very important during the early years of Freemasonry.The royal arch masonry is the first part of the York rite syste…
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    THE YORK RITE OF FREEMASONRY. The oldest and perhaps the purest form of Ancient Craft Masonry takes its name from the City of York, in the north of England. It was there in the year A. D. 926 that we find Masonry adopting its first recorded Constitution.

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    The York Rite, therefore, is an aggregate of four bodies, forming one whole. One cannot stop on the way and have a complete understanding of Ancient Craft Masonry. LODGEMASTER MASONS (SYMBOLIC DEGREES) The ENTERED APPRENTICE is a bearer of burdens, symbolically taught to labor to subdue his passions and improve himself in Freemasonry. The

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    THE YORK RITE of Freemasonry is a series of degrees which expand and enlarge upon the philosophy, the symbolism, the historical significance and the great truths inculcated in the Symbolic or Blue Lodge. With one exception, all are concerned with Ancient Craft Masonry.

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    The York Rite (or the American Rite) is one of two popular Freemason Rites in the USA. the other being the Scottish Rite. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite claims to hold the power of conferring the first three degrees of Masonry in addition to those under its jurisdiction but the York Rite does not.

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    Apr 07, 2020 · Mission Statement The Mission of the Most Worshipful National Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Ancient York Rite Masons, Prince Hall Origin – National Compact USA is to support a way of life that promotes friendship, fellowship, and Brotherly Love. We shall dispense charity, make good men better and lead by example.

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    An invitational body composed of York Rite Masons selected for their contributions and dedication to the Masonic bodies and orders. Membership requires affiliation with the Knights Templar. The modern Order commemoratives an early body of English Knights Templar founded during the 3rd Crusade. Membership is unlimited in the presiding body.

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    The seed of the myth of Stuart Jacobite influence on the higher degrees may have been a careless and unsubstantiated remark made by John Noorthouk in the 1784 Book of Constitutions of the Premier Grand Lodge of London. It was stated, without support, that King Charles II (older brother and predecessor to James II) was made a Freemason in the Netherlandsduring the years of his exile (1649–60). However, there were no documented lodges of Freemasons on the continent during those years. The statement …

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    The York Rite, or more correctly, the American Rite, is based on the early remnants of Craft Masonry that were practiced in the early 1700’s.

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    541 York Rite Sites -> US Grand Lodges: York Rite Links: Royal Arch Masons: Cryptic Masons: Knights Templar: Honorary Bodies [What is the York Rite?] [ABOVE:600+MASONIC LINKS] [ 700+ISSUES KT Magazine - STATE Supplements] Fraternal Greetings and WELCOME to OUR OFFICIAL WEB SITES VISITORS Since August 25, 1997 Updated-061520@1200 HRS *23 Years ...

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    The Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite is an appendant body of Freemasonry and is considered entirely optional for Masons to join. The Scottish Rite is technically a concordant body because some of its degrees continue the story of the building of Solomon’s Temple that’s started in …

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    The York Rite in Freemasonry actually refers to three cooperative groups that confer a total of ten degrees in the United States. There are four Royal Arch degrees, three Cryptic Mason degrees, and three Chivalric orders. You must already be a Master Mason before you can join the York Rite. The York Rite offers additional degrees to Freemasons.